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About us

Our Switzerland- and Madagascar-based team brings academics from both countries together with the private sector and participants in a local multi-stakeholder platform

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The Full Circle Initiative is jointly developed and steered by an interdisciplinary team of landscape professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs.
It was Alex Leuenberger’s vision to establish the Full Circle Initiative, driven by his deep personal desire to give something back to Madagascar, a country that has played a central role in his personal and professional life.
The Full Circle Initiative has now been brought to life with the help of scientists from the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), the University of Bern, the University of Antananarivo, and the Swiss not-for-profit incolab.
At the local level, an experienced coordinator supports the critical collaboration between locals and the project team.
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Alexander Leuenberger CEO |
ALine and Gemforest Ltd, |
Founder, Donor, Entrepreneurial Expert in Madagascar, Project Board Member

Dr. Peter Messerli, Professor of Sustainable Development |
Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Report |
Wyss Academy for Nature, University of Bern, |
Project Board Member

Dr. Julie Zähringer, Member of the Executive Committee of CDE|
Head of Sustainable Land Systems Impact Area|
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Bern, |
Project Leader, Project Board Member

Dr. Ravaka Andriamihaja, Senior Scientist |
Centre of Development and Environment, University of Bern, |
Project Collaborator

Dr. Ntsiva Andriatsitohaina, Senior Scientist |
University of Antananarivo, ESSA, |
Project Coordinator Madagascar


Dr. Bruno Ramamonjisoa, Professor of Sustainable Forestry |

Director of ESSA | 
University of Antananarivo, ESSA, |
Project Board Member

Dr. Enrico Celio, Founder and Director |
incolab (spinoff ETH Zürich), |
Project Coordinator

Paul Clément Harimalalala |
Maroantsetra, Madagascar |
Local Coordinator and Research Assistant at ESSA-Forêts
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